Our children are involved in many organized and structured games daily. These games are fun and interactive while encouraging social distancing. Our children continue to feel safe, loved, valued and appreciated, as always, at Jungle Tots Greenstone Hill.

Research has shown that young children are at very low risk of contracting COVID-19. We endeavor to do all that is required and more to keep your children as safe as possible, happy and learning. 


Sanitisation stations with paper towel stands are positioned throughout the school.

We have a dedicated staff member whose only responsibility is to clean and sanitise our school throughout the day.

Our daily programme has been revised to include many hand washing intervals and to allow for sanitisation of tools and equipment between every rotation.

Classrooms are completely sanitised every afternoon.



What will our classrooms look like?


  • Our children have limited interaction with other teachers and assistants. We do our best to ensure that every class will only be in contact with their own class teacher and assistant/s.
  • As per regulation all windows and doors remain open to ensure good ventilation.
  • Sanitisation of tools and equipment takes place in between every rotation.
  • Sanitiser and paper towels are used in our classrooms.
  • Physical distancing is practiced within the classrooms by placing children 1.5 meters apart, either on an Eva Mat or at a table (depending on age group) for all activities, learning time and meal and snack times.
  • Physical distancing markers have been placed on the floors within classrooms,
  • bathrooms and passageways in order to ensure that the required distance is maintained.
  • Children have their daily equipment such as Lego, pegs and other easily sanitized materials.
  • All toys are sanitized after each use and children are encouraged to not share toys/construction/inside play equipment.



Daily Screening and PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) – Who, What and When?


  •  The temperate of each child is recorded 3 times per day (twice for Half Day children) at snack and meal times.
  • All staff will wear their PPEs at all times.
  • The wearing of face masks by the parents is imperative and highly recommended to the children entering the premises.
  • NO masks are allowed to be worn by any children under the age of 2.
  • Gloves are worn by staff members assisting during bathroom duty, preparation of food sent to school by parents for their Jungle Totters as well as during cleaning/sanitizing of all play equipment/toys/kitchen equipment and cleaning and sanitizing of the school.



How will Playtime work?


  •  Outside play times on the playground are staggered such that only 6 or 7 children are on the playground at any given time.
  • All playground equipment is sanitized in between each rotation.
  • As per our normal procedures Teachers and Assistants monitor all playground activity in order to ensure Physical distancing is controlled as best as possible throughout play time on the playground.
  • Structured games entertain the children which naturally assists with the prescribed physical distancing and accommodating playground rotations.



How will Nap Time work?


  • Each child has been assigned a preschool bed with his/her name and/or symbol attached.
  • Beds are cleaned and sanitized every day before being stored.



How will Health and Safety measures be implemented within our Kitchen?


  •  Strict kitchen hygiene measures continue to be enforced when making use of the kitchen. Counter Tops will be sanitized on a regular basis as well as after each usage.
  • Gloves are worn by staff members during preparation of milk bottles and warming of meals sent to school by parents.



How will Lunch and Snack Times Work?


  •  We kindly request that our parents pack: – minimum of 2 snacks, such as bread, fruit and/or yoghurt (at least 1 snack if your child attends school until midday) and – 1 healthy lunch box as well as – Water bottles already filled with water from home. Water bottles will be refilled as required throughout the day.
  • The school is not able to provide snacks and meals during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic. This new procedure will continue until such time that we have streamlined our COVID-19 prevention procedures and policies.
  • Children enjoy eating in their classrooms, or outside on warm days, sitting on their own Eva mats. Teachers and Assistants ensure that physical distancing is maintained and that sharing of food does not take place (in order to be kind to our friends).